Easter Bunny's Helpful Tips

Please review these helpful tips to provide the best entertainment possible. Being prepared is the key to a successful visit. When possible (and applicable) please share as much information with your guests prior to their arrival.

Appointment times are estimated and not guaranteed to be accurate. "Happy" may arrive early, on time or late. Supervise the BUNNY as he does not want to be overwhelmed by children or adults.  Remind everyone to be on their best behavior.  Please make sure all children have used the toilet prior to the BUNNY'S arrival.  This avoids any potentially embarrassing situations. 

If your visit takes place indoors, please have windows & doors open. BUNNY'S costume is made of pure white fur and we need to preserve it's beauty, so please make sure children are clean, food & candy-free. If possible wait til after BUNNY leaves to consume ANY foods. Greasy or chocolate fingers can be deadly to the preservation of the BUNNY'S fur coat.
A) Please reserve a parking space in your driveway (or as close to Happy's entrance as possible) for us to park.  Have fun making a sign ("Reserved for a Special Guest").  We will only be there for a short time so it won't be inconvenient for long.  Have a "rain plan", an alternate plan, in case of inclement weather. Notify us of your rain plan by an email.

B) Basket/Gift Delivery. Please clearly mark all items with a thick black felt pen. Place the recipients name clearly on each item so they can be easily identified by the Bunny's assistant. Place all items in the entry way of the BUNNY'S entrance point, whether it be in your backyard (at the gate) or in your house (on the porch). If you have a large amount of items to be delivered please place them all in a wagon or any rolling device which might make it easier for delivery.

C) You & your guests may take as many pictures or video's as you like.  Be prepared with extra freshly charged batteries and plenty of memory or film WITH the camera OR use a one-time use camera. We offer digital keepsakes for you and your guests. Please visit our website photo gallery to view a sample keepsake. Images captured by us at your event will be  available for your guests to view (compliments of Albert Joseph Entertainment) and purchase images imprinted on a wide variety of different items such as Aprons, Sweatshirts, T Shirts, Posters, Mugs, Mouse Pads, Puzzles, Playing Cards, Prints of all sizes and more.

D) Please place a designated chair for the BUNNY (no sofas or recliners) to sit. An armless dining table chair or bench seat is perfect.  Locate it in a well lit place for good pictures.  (not near any mirrors, windows or televisions).  Children seeing BUNNY'S departure will be disappointed.  When BUNNY leaves please keep children away from all windows & doors.

E) BUNNY is HAPPY to participate in your egg hunt. Make sure your yard sprinklers have been turned off 24 hours prior to your appointment. Simply hide the majority of your eggs and leave a few eggs (10-12) for "Happy" to hide (with baskets or gifts) at his entry point. Did you remember the GOLDEN EGG? Be sure to make it the BEST prize. Fill it with the LARGEST denomination of CA$H you feel appropriate. All the kids will remember to look for the GOLDEN EGG, year after year. If you have any questions, please contact us via email.

Do not offer BUNNY any FINAL payments. Any monies he receives are gratuities. Thank You!